The Next 20: Foodlog

This is to keep track of my food consumption as I lose another twenty pounds. Twenty down, twenty to go!

Wednesday 1/25


8:00 am: 2 C black coffee
8:30 am: 1 (3-4 oz) spicy turkey sausage, 2 cups kale cooked with olive oil.
9:30 am: 1/2 of a black americano
2:00 pm: 4 oz grassfed beef cooked with 2 C broccoli, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes
3:30 pm: 1 oz raw almonds
7:15 pm: Tuna burger (at a restaurant, no bun, 6 oz?), 2 C salad / slaw

Back on the paleo wagon

I feel like I am always getting back on the paleo / gluten free wagon.  I don’t think anyone is following this blog anymore, but in case you are interested, here is all the food I ate last week when I was trying to be good.  I actually felt a lot better eating this!  I am supposed to track times where possible and also try to eat 2C of vegetables with every meal — which has certainly made me regular!

6:45 am: 1/2 a banana
7-7:45: high intensity spin intervals
8 am:1/2 a banana
8:45 am: 2 eggs cooked with coconut oil spray.  1 c mushroom / broccoli.  1 c steamed kale. 2 C  black coffee
12:45 pm: 4 oz rotisserie chicken, 2 C steamed kale, 1 oz bag raw almonds
5:30 pm: a few slices of salami
8:30 pm: 3-4 oz ground white meat chicken cooked with sesame oil, broccoli, mushroom, onion (2 cups veggies)
1 margarita made with only fresh squeezed lemon, tequila and cointreau.

8:30 am: 1 1/2 eggs scrambled with greens, mushrooms, onion cooked with olive oil.  1 C steamed greens on the side. 1 C black coffee
10:00 am: 1 C black coffee
1:45 pm: Salad with baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, onion, some grilled chicken (not much) dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. (salad too small)  Flavored seltzer.  1 oz raw almonds
7:30 pm: 1 glass cava (sorry!!!!), roasted chicken at a restaurant (5 oz?), 1 bite potato, 2 fried artichoke hearts (no breading) with 2 bites of cured duck.

8:00 am: 1 oz chicken, 1 small banana, 1 C black coffee.
9:30 am 1 hr high intensity spin intervals
12:30 pm: 1 bowl chicken soup (just chicken broth, chicken and carrots — this was not enough food)
6:30 pm: large romaine salad (3 C?) with sardines (and there was a tiny sprinkle of cheese on it that I could not eat around.  Sorry), catfish (5-6 oz?), crawfish, 1 bite potato.
8:30 pm: 1 clementine

11 am: 3 egg omlette with lots of mixed veggies.  One bite hashbrowns. 4 strips turkey bacon.  (This omlette was enormous I was really full.)
4 pm: 2 clementines
7 pm: watching SF v Giants game.  veggies and guac.

8:30 am: 1 small bowl chicken soup, 2 C steamed kale, 1 C black coffee.
9:30 am: 1 black americano
1pm: 4 oz spicy turkey sausage, 2 C steamed kale, 1 oz raw almonds.
8 pm: hamburger (6oz?) over a salad (2-3 C) with oil and vinegar dressing, a little bit of low-sugar ketchup

9 am: 2 poached eggs over brussel sprout “hash” (basically just shredded brussel sprouts quick sauteed in olive oil.). Large french press of black coffee.
1pm: 4 oz spicy turkey sausage, 2 C steamed kale, 1 oz raw almonds
6:30 pm: grass fed beef (4oz) and broccoli (2 C) stir fry with garlic, sesame oil, ginger and sesame seeds.

9/26 lunch

Leftover mixed steamed veggies from the Chinese place, leftover rotisserie chicken breast.  One small all fruit ice pop (mixed berry).

Breakfast 9/26: omlette with 2 eggwhite and one egg, kale, side of tomato.

Breakfast 9/26: omlette with 2 eggwhite and one egg, kale, side of tomato.